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Elefsina (, Ancient/Katharevousa: Eleusis) is a town and municipality about 30 km NW of Athens. It is located near the northernmost end of the Saronic Gulf and is the seat of administration of West Attica Prefecture. It is best known for having been the site of the Eleusinian Mysteries, the most famous religious center of ancient Greece. It was also the birth place of Aeschylus, one of the three great tragedians of antiquity. See also Metanira.


Ancient Eleusina

Modern Eleusina

Today, the city has become a suburb of Athens, and is linked by the freeway, the Athens metro freeway (Attiki Odos), and Athens metro (transit). A toll post named after the community is on the westbound lanes of GR-8A. A hill is near between the tolls and the refinery North of Eleusis is Mandra and Magoula, and northeast is the Thriasian plain containing Aspropyrgos is founded. It lies northeast of the Gulf of Eleusina.
Elefsina is the town where the majority of crude oil in Greece is imported and refined. The refinery nearest to the city is on its west side. The other major town is Aspropyrgos, next to the shipyards of Skaramagkas.
Forests align with the bay with a length of around 200 m. The nearest mountain is in the northwest. Athens's nearest military airport is a few kilometers east of Elefsina. It has been used since the mid-20th century. Its runway is about 2 km and its buildings are to the west. It sits in the Thriasian/Eleusina Plain. It has a nearby interchange slightly north of the Eleusina(east) interchange about 2 km west.
They are home to the junior football (soccer) team Panelefsiniakos.

Nearest places

  • Mandra (west)
  • Magoula (north)
  • Aspropyrgos (east)

Historical population


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